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Oasys is resolutely committed to establishing itself as a premier e-governance service provider, garnering widespread recognition in the nation. Presently, our footprint extends across 19 states in India, where we are diligently overseeing and executing a diverse array of e-governance projects.

Our influence is far-reaching, as we hold a PAN India presence across multiple business verticals. Our unwavering dedication is evident in our services that span 280 Districts, effectively benefiting an impressive 30 crore beneficiaries. Each month, we successfully process a remarkable 13 crore transactions, reflecting our operational excellence on a significant scale.

Our approach is rooted in the development of versatile and cutting-edge IT solutions that adhere to the most stringent industry standards. These solutions embody the ideals of usability, flexibility, and scalability, addressing the unique needs of various government sectors. Additionally, we assume the pivotal role of managing operations and maintenance for pivotal entities such as PDS and NABARD, ensuring the continued smooth functioning of these critical systems.

Central to our success are our dedicated and skilled workforce comprising 1400 employees spread throughout the length and breadth of the country. This extensive team stands ready to deliver exceptional operations and maintenance services, contributing to the seamless operation of e-governance initiatives nationwide.

Our operational framework can be distilled into two primary categories: Operation and Maintenance. Under Operation, our meticulous approach encompasses crucial facets such as administration, the orchestration of operations, meticulous equipment status control, and the continuous enhancement of operator knowledge and performance.

In the realm of Maintenance, our comprehensive strategy covers an array of critical areas including administration, the meticulous management of a highly effective work control system, the expert execution of maintenance activities, a robust preventive maintenance program, and the meticulous documentation of all maintenance procedures.

At Oasys, we stand as a beacon of efficiency, innovation, and commitment in the realm of e-governance. Our goal is not just to meet expectations, but to consistently exceed them, forging a path of excellence in this pivotal domain.


  • Administration
  • Conduct of Operations
  • Equipment Status Control
  • Operator Knowledge and Performance


  • Administration
  • Work Control System
  • Conduct of Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Maintenance Procedures and Documentation