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Textile ERP

Textile ERP is a robust solution for textile enterprise. This ERP solution provides for a central system to manage the different processes of the enterprise.

The application includes several module of which are the

  • Weaver Module
  • Operational Module
  • Personnel Module
  • Financial Module
  • Grievances Module
  • e-Commerce Module

Textile ERP aims at providing a central control system addressing all the necessary functions.

ERP Software

The ERP Software provides for a single platform for the distribution, Sales and Management of the product and processes. The ERP software simplifies the processes and helps you make more informed decisions in carrying out your business in an effective manner.

Our software spearheads many functions

  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship management

ERP Software efficiently manages the Sales & Distribution, Procurement, Inventory, Production and Quality Control.


Accounts management is very critical, when it comes to an individual or a company. Companies invest a lot of time in preparing and maintenance of records for accounts. Chitta is an app that helps in easy maintenance of records with respect to transactions from suppliers and customers. It reduces paper work and time to know certain information. Chitta also helps individuals to maintain their accounts and create a monthly budget.

Health Management Information System

The Health Management Information System shall bring in the power of Information Communication and Technology into the day-to-day operations of Health Institutions, to create a more coordinated and effective service delivery system for the benefit of public utilizing the health services, to obtain and report critical information about the characteristics and service needs of health care seeking public and to streamline data collection and standardizing them across the health chain.


EMSPLUS is an extensive Campus management system for Schools, Colleges and universities. It is an ERP solution for educational institutions that helps in managing the details of every student. It covers the tenure of the student in the campus from admission to exit through an interface. Management Dashboard is one of the features of EMSplus, which is an integral part of the application, will give you a bird’s eye view of the entire activities across the institution and also the progress of the student on an individual basis. EMS plus also facilitates the management of resources and provides for solutions for consultancies by managing their export/import database, Artificial intelligence, CRM Hardware integration and many more aspects.