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Smart Meter


  • Measures Tri-Vector Power in Four Quadrant to an accuracy level of Class 0.5S or Class 1 as per IS 14697 or IS 13779
  • Has Inbuilt Non-Volatile Memory to store various reports (Load Survey, Day Survey, Tamper, Event log, etc.,)
  • Load Survey at an integration period of 15/30 Minutes for a period of last 45 days or more as per customer specification
  • Various Tamper events are inbuilt into Meter as per IS Standard
  • Inbuilt Communication Ports such as Optical, IRDA, RS-232 & RS-485
  • LCD display with programmable display parameters
  • Reading of Meter data using hand held device (CMRI, Laptop, Mobile, etc.,) or remotely through wireless device (GSM/GPRS Modem, LPR, IR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.,)
  • Support TOD Billing with secured user programmable feature
  • Real time meter reading
  • Remote meter reading
  • Remote connect & disconnect
  • Automated & timely billing

Green Cop for ATM

Green COP is an energy management solution to save energy usage and power tampering through real-time monitoring & control the electrical equipments (ATMs, Alarms, AC, Lights, Signage, etc) which are available inside the ATMs through web or mobile interface.

The Green Cop Mission:

  • Create awareness towards global warming
  • Contribute by reducing the carbon emission of all stakeholders
  • Control and shrink carbon footprints
  • Consumption optimization as a way of life


  • Device consists of Energy Meter, GPRS Modem, SMPS, Temperature Sensor, etc.,
  • Can control ATM Equipments thru Web & Mobile app
  • Temperature Monitoring inside the ATMs
  • Power Usage Analysis
  • E-Mail Alert for Power Tampering
  • Dedicated dashboard with Geo Location

Management Information Advantages:

  • Compare current energy usage against historical usage
  • Highlight variances or problem areas
  • Monitor individual sites for operational efficiency
  • Consider 'what if' scenarios
  • Compare usage data across multiple sites
  • Implement energy management strategies
  • Meet environmental objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of energy saving measures
  • Gain timely access to the data via exportable formats for in-house analysis
  • Compare cost of energy with business revenue generated

Consumption Reporting:

Energy consumption can be viewed by time of use in

  • 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 minute intervals
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or annually
  • Determine carbon footprint for reduction or offsetting purposes
  • Drill down on specific time periods and pinpoint problems with consumption, demand and supply