POS Devices and Solutions

We are one of the recognized POS device manufacturers in the country. Our unique POS terminal deployments available at FPS of Tamilnadu that uninterruptedly process 35,000+ shop transactions every day proves our efficiency and recognize us as the biggest player in POS device implementation.

OASYS Point-of-sale terminals & solutions enable safest and quickest payment transaction for your business. Our custom POS solutions satisfy the most demanding expectations of merchants, retailers and banks, managing payments easier and smarter.

Can be fully customised for your business requirements.
Most scalable and cost-effective technology.
Easy to deploy, Easy to scale-up.
User friendly, safe and secure.
State-of-the-art biometric authentication technology.
Sleek and Portable.
Touch and Intuitive Interface.
Support all payment method.
Energy Efficient.
24x7 Customer Service Support.

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