OASYS Cybernetics plays a leading role as system integrators for several Government and private enterprises and work towards a bigger vision of “Digital India”.

OASYS was founded by the visionary Mr. K.R.Ilanghovan, a first generation entrepreneur in the millennial year 2000 and is the fastest growing privately held limited company

OASYS initially pioneered the GSM based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) with largest installations in the country and continues to play a vital role in setting up infrastructure of advanced metering for organizations to optimize the delivery and use of energy.

Created breakthrough electronic energy meters after the successful tie-up with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

To meet the company's global innovation and knowledge needs, OASYS established Omni Agate Systems Pvt. Ltd in association with OMNE Systems Korea, in the year 2000.

Omne Agate Systems Pvt Ltd (OASYS) was first private sector company in the nation to implement “Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project” for “9494 distribution transformer metering system”.

By the year 2016, Omne Agate Systems Pvt. Ltd amalgamated with OASYS Cybernetics Pvt. Ltd.

“OASYS” scaled up its e-Governance and information technology divisions with more technology focus along with expansion into other verticals like education, hospitality & media.


Today, OASYS operates with 700+ Technically Qualified Engineers, Certified Project Managers, Architects and 500+ Company Field Staffs.


A company needs to have the necessary infrastructure to function efficiently.

OASYS has a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and corporate office in Chennai.

Process-driven approach to achieve maximum efficiency.