Key Differentiators

No Buy-Sell, It’s Build- Sell!

With a team of industry experts & leaders, We get involved in building custom software solutions that meet our customer requirements to the fullest. We operate independent and effectively use opportunities to prove our proficiency.

Sustained Innovation

Structured Management approach begins with board- and CEO-level leadership and connects all the way through technology investment and implementation. We are an organization who strive to innovate in all aspects of the business, including management, divisions, operations, customers and suppliers.

Cross-boundary collaboration

No enterprise operates in a vacuum. Every manager, employee and contractor potentially has a piece of the puzzle to create a new breakthrough business opportunity. Suppliers, partners, distributors and customers are an equally valuable source of information and ideas.

R&D Hardware & Software Incubation Centre.

Innovation woven into the fabric of the business. Our R&D division is equipped with talents & technologies to create innovative and improved products, processes, systems or services to keep companies a step ahead from the competitors. A section of R&D is defined and dedicated to conduct research on topics of technical advancements that facilitate future product development.

24x7 Support

A dedicated team of young and energetic team to assist in customer and consumer enquiries on time round the clock. Handpicked group of customer care executives skilled multilingual to address queries from any parts of India to ensure best customer service.

Marketing Information System

OASYS captivates the power of marketing intelligence to build the right product together with OASYS methodologies and processes, delivering new quality products & services to the client’s requirement.

300+ Acres of Built-up Green Land for Expansion

Readily available built up space owned by OASYS to grow and expand.

PAN India Presence

Headquartered in Chennai and operates across India on multiple disciplines.

Patented Products & Solutions

Holds exclusive rights on inventions of products, services and concepts.